3 Axis Servo Injection Robot, CNY Promotion, $6999/Set Only

For Injection Molding Machine 80~200T
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Product Detail

Validity Of The Price $6999.00/Set, $13998/Carton

Jan 30~Feb 15, 2019

Item Number: SW6308Ss

MOQ: 2 Sets

Why Do SWITEK  Want You To Order Two Sets Of Injection Robot Per Order?

It's economic to ship 2 sets of 3 axis servo injection robot because the carton designed for the 3 axis servo injection robot is best for the loading of 2 sets 3 axis servo injection robot. Which means the shipping of 2 sets of 3 axis servo injection robot is the same as the shipping cost to ship 1 sets of injection robot. Isn't it a real bargain?

How Is The Two 3 Axis Servo Injection Robot Packed In The Carton?

injection robot

The Specification Of 3 Axis Robot Arm SW6308S

Recommended IMM (Ton) 50-200
Traverse Stroke(mm) 1600
Vertical Stroke(mm) 800
Crosswise Stroke(mm) 760
Traverse Drive  3 Axial AC servo
Take Out Time(Sec) 1.5
Dry Cycle Time(Sec) 6
Power(KVA)/(Phs) 2.7 Single Phs
Working Pressure(kgf/cm^2) 5~7
Air Consumption(NL/cycle) 1.3
Max Load (kg) 3
Net Weight(kg) 387
Gross Weight(kg) /
Size (L x W x H) mm 2200x1410x1800

The Brand List Of The Key Components For The Injection Robot SW6308S

Component Brand
Solenoid Valve SMC/Mindman/Festo
Plug Festo
Bearing NSK
Slider THK
Air Cylinder Hinaka
Reducer Shimpo/Motori
Vacuum Generator Schmalz/Festo
Drag Chain Igus
Air Pipe Pisco
Relay Omron/Schneider
Servo Motor Panasonic
Belt Elatech
Speed Regulator Valve Legris/Pisco/Parker
Control System Switek

The Preparation Of Injection Robot Installation

injection robot installationThe Features Of The Injection Robot SW6308S

injection robot features

How To Select The Injection Robot For Your Injection Molding Automation Project. 

The key point to select an injection robot for your project successfully is that to make sure the arm of the robot is long enough to reach the center of the mold while installed on the injection molding machine. 

The Advantages Of The New 3 Axis Servo Robot Arm For Injection Molding Automation SW6308S

1. Optimized structure design and programming for injection molding machine 80~200T to promise an excellent operating efficiency. 

2. Modular designed control unit, convenient for your injection molding automation integration. 

3. Double installing base design. Convenient for you to adjust the height of the robot according to the space of your workshop and injection molding machine. 

4. Any engineer who is well trained of electronic & mechanical technology will be able to install the robot easily with the instruction of the manual or online support. It'll help the buyer safe a lot of international on site service cost. 

5. Stocks of robots and components are available for just in time delivery. 

Certificate Of CE  For SWITEK 3 Axis Servo Injection Robot 

CE Certificate

Certificate Of ISO 9001:2015  For Switek Technology Automation Co., Ltd.


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