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Why Is To Have The Folded Disposable Spoons Single Packed In a Chain

Folded spoon, which is usually put in the lids of a cup of ice cream or Yoghurt, is one of the most important disposable cutlery in cold drink industry. To have the folded spoon plastic bag sealed independently has below advantages: 

1. Possible of mass production: As shown in the video, with a 3 axis servo injection robot to handle the picking and placing, the folded spoon auto-packing system can finish a cycle in about 9.3 second. Which means it can produce 8600 pcs of well packed folded spoons per hour. It's important for a cold drink producer in the summer which and promise a reliable supply ability. 

2. Possible of be distributed automatically in an auto-production system: A chain-packed folded spoons are easy to be auto-distributed in an auto-production system. The feeding of the folded spoon would be efficient and economic, which is the key to help the producer reduce the production cost. 

3. It's convenient for the store assistant to handle the folded spoons to the consumer: In case there's no spoons served with the ice cream or Yoghurt, a chain packed folded spoons are convenient for the assistant to hand over to the customer safely. The plastic is a perfect shield to prevent a potential hygiene risky. 

The Detailed Specification Of The 3 Axis Servo Injection Robot In The Folded Spoon Automation System

injection robot

Recommended IMM (Ton) 50-350
Traverse Stroke(mm) 1400
Vertical Stroke(mm) 1000
Crosswise Stroke(mm) 450
Traverse Drive  3 Axial AC servo
Take Out Time(Sec) 1.5
Dry Cycle Time(Sec) 3.3
Power(KVA)/(Phs) 3.9 Single Phase
Working Pressure(kgf/cm^2) 5~7
Air Consumption(NL/cycle) 1.8
Max Load (kg) 5
Net Weight(kg) 402
Gross Weight(kg) /
Size (L x W x H) mm 2000x1065x1820

The Details Of The 24 Cavities Folded Spoons Automation System

1. Injection Molding Machine: 250T high speed injection molding machine. 

2. Mold: 24 Cavities folded spoons injection mold. 

3. Robot: SWITEK 3 axis servo injection robot SW7110S. 

4. Packing system: SWITEK disposable spoons folding and packing system. 

5. Cycle Time: 9.3s. 

Tips of a Disposable Folded Spoons Automation System Purchasing

1. Have an ideal about the expected daily productivity of the folded spoon automation system. Provide the detailed information of your injection molding machine and the mold to the designer of the automation system if you have them available. If not, request SWITEK to provide you with a turn key folded spoon injection molding automation system so we can have the machines well tested before delivery. 

2. As soon as the detailed specification of the automation system confirmed, you mustn't do any modification to the design. Because any "minor" change to the design means a start from scratch and maybe a disaster to the whole project. 

The Video Of The 24 Cavities Folded Spoons Injection Molding Automation System 

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