• Focused On Intelligent Manufacturing System, Switek Changed Its Name As GuangDong Switek Technology Shareholding Co., Ltd.
    Focused On Intelligent Manufacturing System, Switek Changed Its Name As GuangDong Switek Technology Shareholding Co., Ltd. 2019-03-20
    Since founded in 2006, SWITEK had been committed to the design, production and sales of injection robot and custom made injection molding automation solution. To have it’s name changed from DognGuang Switek Automation Technology Shareholding Co., Ltd. To GuangDong Switek Technology Shareholding Co., Ltd. Is a long term development strategy to speed up the integration of the intelligent manufacturing technology with the injection molding automation solution. To have “User experience is the driving force of our development, integrity is the vitality of SWITEK” as the sense of worth, SWITEK people are working hard to achieve our mission “to help one million enterprises globally to upgrade the manufacturing process from ‘Automatic’ to ‘Intelligent”. Driving by our mission and sense of worth, SWITEK was listed on the OTC market on Aug. 9, 2016 with the stock code 838363 and recognized as the R&D Center of Industrial Robot & Automatic Equipment of DongGang City. Further more, the “High Speed Side Entry IML System” one the certificate of INNOFUND in January  2017, and jointed the competition of assembly line automation industry in 2018. Pushing forward with the Plan of Made In China 2025 and the policy of the Belt and Road, SWITEK keep increasing the investment in the R&D of intelligent manufacturing process and moving forward to be a world leading intelligent manufacturing system integrator. To achieve this ambitious goal, SWITEK will start from three aspects: 1. Talents is the priority of the success of a company. To make SWITEK Automation an attractive enterprise in the HR market, SWITEK University opened on February 28, 2019. With “Behave, Self-discipline and Social Commitment” as it’s motto, we hope that we can build a platform for our staffs via strict selection and continuous training to help them grow quickly. 2. Product quality is the life of any enterprise. Since founded in 2006, SWITEK highly valued the experience of our clients and keep improving the design and programming of our robots. To compliant to the standard of Industrial 4.0, we’ll have the Ethernet Interface integrated to the control system of our robot and IML system. With the Ethernet interface integrated, it’ll help our clients to migrate their production system from ‘Automated’ to ‘Intelligent’ easily. 3. Service is the soul of SWITEK. Service is the soul of any enterprise and sometime it’ll even determines the success or failure of an enterprise. Especially to an automation system provide such as SWITEK Automation. To provide our clients worldwide a better service. Tim Wu, the CEO of SWITEK Automation, announced in the new year celebration that year 2019 would be the first year of Internet Plus in the history of SWITEK. With the website as the center of our IoT system, SWITEK will keep our products, information, service and customers online to speed up the after sales service process. Innovation is the core-competit...
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  • SWITEK Caps Sorting System Help To Increase The Caps Loading Efficiency
    SWITEK Caps Sorting System Help To Increase The Caps Loading Efficiency 2019-02-20
    DongPengTeYing, the second largest energy drink producer in China after RedBull, has a unique cup like cap on the top of it’s 250ml and 500ml bottle. This innovative design well separate it from its competitors. The booming market share of DongPeng also bring the cash flow to the caps manufacturers. With increasing order, the cap manufacturers are mingled with hope and fear. Increased order means better revenue, but the increasing labour cost and low productivity make it difficult to promise a just in time delivery especially in the busy season. How could this problem to be solved?   Early in 2018, one of the cap manufacturer contacted SWITEK to look for a new caps sorting system to help them increase the loading efficiency after injection. Their question is: The injection molding machine can produce around 425000pcs of caps, and each 400pcs of caps could be loaded in the carton at random, it’ll take 10 workers to re-sort the caps to make them workable in an automated packing system.   After visit the workshop and have a thorough discussion with the production manager of DongPeng, the R&D team of SWITEK re-designed the production process to simplify the picking, sorting and loading of the caps to reduce the man hour and increase the production efficiency.   The characteristics of the new automation system:   With optimized production process to reduce the man power   With the installation of the new caps loading system, the company reduced the staffs from around 10/injection molding machine to 1 staff take care of 2~3 injection molding machine.   Well sorted caps increased the loading capacity of each carton and reduced the shipping cost   Before the installation of the automation system, around 400pcs of the caps to be loaded in each carton to be sorted in another workshop; after the installation of the automation system, 2000pcs of the caps would be well sorted before loading in each carton ready for delivery.   “With the new automation system, the just in time delivery rate increased from <70% to >97%, which helped to increase the customer satisfactory and reduced labour cost.” Mr. Liu, the production manger of the company said. 
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  • SWITEK Welcomed The Visiting Government Officers From ZhenHe County
    SWITEK Welcomed The Visiting Government Officers From ZhenHe County 2018-12-23
    Switek Technology Automation Co., Ltd. Welcomed the visiting government officers from ZhenHe county on Dec. 21, 2018. Led by Mrs. Huang Ai Hua, the county party secretary of ZhenHe, the government officers came with them the greetings of fellow country men to the entrepreneurs far away from hometown. Mr. Wu, the CEO of SWITEK Automation, along with Mr. Yang, the CMO warmly welcomed the visiting officers and reported the production and operating status of SWITEK. Mr. Wu left ZhenHe county to start his own business in GuangDong province in 1996 and make SWITEK one of the most famous injection robot manufacturer and turn key injection molding automation solution provider in China. After company visiting, Mr. Wu celebrated the visiting of the government officers. In the celebration, Mr. Wu briefly introduced the history and the three years development plan of SWITEK. In his speech, he high lighted the plan to accelerate the development of the company with the opportunity that our government is pushing forward the “Made in China 2025” policy. Mr. Wu said, China is now a a society of internet, there’s no company can go further without internet based technology. As an enterprise specialized in the field of injection molding automation, SWITEK will always bind to the cutting edge technology to make SWITEK a world renowned injection molding automation solution provide. In the celebration, Mr. Wu also discussed with Mrs. Huang the possible to develop an automation system to modernize the bamboo and wooden processing industry in ZhenHe county. In the celebration, Mrs. Huang also called on the officers to learn from the entrepreneurs to work harder to better serve the people of ZhenHe county, to be truly being an official is beneficial to one side. She also expressed her support and kind wish to the development of SWITEK Automation. ZhenHe is an agricultural county. To help the better development of his hometown, Mr. Wu also invited the Mr. Li, the CEO of OKCG Organic Agriculture Co., Ltd. And Dr. Chai, the chief consultant of OKCG. Dr. Chai is an expect of organic agriculture from Taiwan who received his PHD of agriculture in USA, is the visiting professor of 12 universities in Taiwan. Dr. Chai made his speech of the development of Organic Agriculture inspired the enthusiasm of the visiting officers. After his speech, Mr. He, the director of ZhenHe Economic Development Zone made the conclusion that the speech is beneficial to the development the agriculture in ZhenHe County. Finally, Mr. Wu and the visiting officers visited the GuangDong Institute Of Industrial Robot for a better understanding of the development of automation technology in China.
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  • Red Bull China stop the production temporarily, Dongpeng Drink welcoming its best developing opportunity and signed new caps auto-production facility with SWITEK
    Red Bull China stop the production temporarily, Dongpeng Drink welcoming its best developing opportunity and signed new caps auto-production facility with SWITEK 2018-10-18
    Oct. 17, 2018, there was a good news from SWITEK sales department that two more sets of Dongpeng Drink bottle caps auto-production system signed by SWITEK South China company.   “Drink Red Bull when you’re tire or sleepy!”, it’s this message that brought Redbull, the world famous energy drinks from Thailand into the life of thousands of Chinese people. Also make it a big name of RMB50 billion market value from a wordless brand in 20 years. In China, the development of Red Bull is regarded a legend, it’s the creator and leader of energy drinks in China.   Introduced to China in November 25, 1995, it took Reignwood Group 8 years to make it a drink of RMB1 billion sales volume in China, and another 8 years from RMB1 billion to RMB10 billion, and only 2 years from RMB10 billion to 20 billion. It reached its peak at 2015 which the sales volume turned out to be a historical RMB23.07 billion. The hot sales of Red Bull in China promoted the development of the energy drinks market. Other energy drinks brand such as Dongpeng, Yue Tiger, Claws, Carabao came over night. Among them, Dongpeng, noticed with it’s approaching taste to Red Bull and “Ugly” looking, ranked the second after Red Bull with a sales volume of RMB 4 billion in 2017.   According to a report by CI Consulting, the energy drinks market achieved an annual 28.9% growing from 2010~2014 and expected to grow up to be a RMB70 billion market. It’s unbelievable that in such a golden age of developing T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd. The owner of Red Bull brand global and Reignwood Group, the authorized producer and Red Bull brand owner in China, started a lawsuit about the ownership of Red Bull brand in the on coming 30 years. Its no doubt that the competitors of other energy drinks producer in China welcomed their best opportunity to expand their market share. The statics shows that Red Bull recorded a turn over of RMB 19 Billion in 2017, a 7% lower than in 2016 while Dongpeng drink, recorded a turn over of RMB4 Billion, a 30% growth over 2016.   The negative influence of the dispute also showed from the marketing of its competitor. DongPeng Drink, the second largest energy drink producer in China, remembered by consumers not only for its advertise which says “It’s better to work hard clear-headed when you’re young” but also for its cap. There’s a cup like cap on both the bottle of 250ml and 500ml which enabled the to be imbibed energy drink also drinkable in an elegant way. But, it’s this small cup which loved and hated by the supplier of DongPeng Drink. Love it, because it’s a business of billions of pieces of purchasing annually. Hated it, because the sorting and loading of the caps is a labor intensive work. To take the order means the risky of insufficient orders in the low season but could not hire enough workers for a just in time delivery in the peak season.   SWITEK DongPeng Drinks Caps automation system is an automation solution designed for the a...
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  • WOW, That’s A 3 Axis Servo Robot Arm Disposable Spoon Paper Box Automation Solution
    WOW, That’s A 3 Axis Servo Robot Arm Disposable Spoon Paper Box Automation Solution 2018-10-10
    After one years’ hard working in CNC department, I got a internship position in the sales department of SWITEK and the first lessen to be a sales is: To visit the workshop of our client with colleagues from SWITEK after sales department and study the installation and trial run of a new cutlery automation system.     The company visited today is an export oriented enterprise who is specialized in the production of disposable cutlery with a history of more than 40 years. Since the first SWITEK robot introduced in year 2010, they’re now one of our key accounts with more than 30 robots and 6 sets of cutlery automation system working in their workshop.   The system for trial running today is a 3 axis servo robot arm cutlery paper box auto-packing system. Most of the installation works had been done and for today it’s a trial running and minor adjustment to the parameters for finial optimization of the system. It’s Mr. Liu from the Electrical control department who has more than 20 years’ experience in injection molding automation system programming and had been working in SWITEK for more than 5 years. He witnessed the birth of the first cutlery automation system and the on coming development of SWITEK cutlery automation technology. In the past 5 years, Mr. Liu took part in the programming and installation of more than 100 sets of cutlery automation system. For a better understanding of the system, Mr. Liu explained the design idea of the cutlery automation system to me in detail.     This is a classical designed SWITEK dual 3 axis servo robot arm, dual collector and cold runner 28 cavities rectangular mold cutlery automation system. With optimized eject pin design, the sprue and the spoons would be separated in mold automatically. In this system, the first 3 axis servo robot arm will have the spoons picked out from the mold, let go the separated sprue and have the spoons well stacked on the first collector. The two collectors will shift their position automatically. The second will have the well stacked spoons moved to the packing machine to be box packed, while the first robot will continue to stack the spoons on the empty collector. The process from the picking to box packing would be done automatically without human interference. Mr. Liu told me, before the installation of the cutlery automation system, each injection molding machine will need at least 3 staffs to do the collecting and packing work. With SWITEK cutlery automation system, each staff will be able to take care of at least 3 injection molding machine. With increasing labor cost, the economic sense of the cutlery automation system is considerable.   Regarding the difference between the round mold and rectangular mold in a 3 axis servo robot arm, Mr. Liu explained that a 3 axis servo robot arm can do linear movement only, and a rectangular mold will fit this character of a 3 axis servo robot better. The rectangular mold will help to simplify the st...
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