• The Sea Is So Blue, It's Time To Have Our Holiday
    The Sea Is So Blue, It's Time To Have Our Holiday 2019-06-27
    To grateful the joint effort of all SWITEK staffs to have a successful Chinaplas 2019 exhibition by the end of May and on time delivery in June, we're having a free traveling to the beautiful HongHai Bay for all staffs in the on coming July. As a resort of the gastronomy in South China, the history of ShangWei had been more than 6000 years and clues of human activity had been witnessed back to the Neolithic Age. With its special location, the delicacy of ShangWei is a combination of South Fujian and GuangDong flavor. Cooked with the art of braise, stew, fried, stir-fry and pickle, ShangWei delicacy is famous for its seafood and soup which has a light & rich flavor but not greasy. Let's be prepared to have our gourmet travel. As one of the "Top Ten" most beautiful bays in GuangDong province, HongHai Bay is famous for its clean and soft sandy beach. The sand is so clean and just like to be select and selected with the hand of the nature. The resorts of the HongHai Bay include the South GuangYin  resort at the DaShiAo district of NanAo island, it's said that GuangYin, the goddess of taoism, achieve her goal of becoming immortal here and later one of the four Bodhisattvas of Taoism. Another popular resort in HongHai Bay is the JiMing Temple. Founded in year 1633, Ming Dynasty, was built in the JiXin Mountain, which located between the mountain Lotus and mountain YinPing. Well protected, JiMing Temple is rich in plant resources which include 500 years old Nageia fleuryi, ancient tea of 6.5 mtrs height, blinding tree, Morinda officinalis and other precious plants. More than these, with a history of more than 380 years, JiMing temple is also rich in cultural relic. Delicious food and beautiful scenery is always the best way to relax after continued hard working. Thankful to the support of the families of every SWITEK staff, we'll invite them to have holiday with us. With the support of our family, we're sure that we'll win out in this competitive but rewarding business.
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  • The First Bottle Caps Automation Sysytem With a Daily Production Capacity Up to 800,000pcs  Bottle Caps Accepted and the Second one is Ready for Assembly
    The First Bottle Caps Automation Sysytem With a Daily Production Capacity Up to 800,000pcs Bottle Caps Accepted and the Second one is Ready for Assembly 2019-04-30
    The first bottle caps auto-production system had been successfuly running for more than 100 days, and the second one is ready for assembly. According to the chief designer of SWITEK bottle caps auto-production system, the new production system integrated units of the bottle caps picking, sorting, ccd inspection and auto-loading. Which will not only help to reduce the man hour during production, but also increase the loading capacity of 400pcs to 2000pcs/carton. With a daily production capacity up to 800,000 pcs, the new system will help to producer reduce 1200 cartons, 8 times 20FCL truck delivery and more than 200cbm storage space. With the reduced carton, shipping and storage cost, the bottle caps manufacturer is expected to recover the investment cost in about 10~12 months. Not to mention the reduced labour cost.  Witnessed the profitibility of the new production system, HuiWei Group, the key supplier of Yili & MenNiu, the top cold drink and milk products producer in China, ordered another automation system immediately after the successful trial running of the first production line. Now it's ready for assembly. The achievement of "Made in China" attracted worldwide attention in the past 40 years. But at the same time the "labour shortage" is a more and more severe situation to hindle the developemnt of many company especially the labour intensive industry. The young people would rather to choose an office work with a low wage instead of a better paid blue collar job. In this case, it's more and more difficult for the technical school to attract talanted students, which worsen the labour force market further.  The labour shortage will not only influence the current production of an enterprice, but also the talents reservation for future development. Designated to provide our clients a turn key solution of injection molding automation since the founding in 2006, SWITEK is well understand the sorrow of the entrepreneurs of the plastic industry. Since the first IML system put on market in 2009, SWITEK built up a tight relationship with the producers of the thinwall products to custom make an efficient automation solution for their current and future needs. SWITEK bottle cap automation system is a good example for this regard. The automation system integrated the injection robot automation system, CCD inspection system, auto-sorting and loading system, and also the possibility to upgrade the system for Iot application. The new system will not only help to reduce the amount of labour used, but also attract more talents to join the company. The successful installation of the bottle caps automation system enhanced the confidence of HuiWei Group to cooperate with SWITEK. The new project cooperated between HuiWei and SWITEK will unveil soon at booth # 12.1R21 at Chinaplas 2019. In this new solution, you'll have a better understanding of the up to date IML technology, CCD inspection technology, auto-assembling technology and auto-loadi...
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  • Switek Dual Arms Five Axis Servo Robot Provide An Economic Plastic Table Assemble Solution
    Switek Dual Arms Five Axis Servo Robot Provide An Economic Plastic Table Assemble Solution 2018-06-16
    Designed by Mr. Kjelstrup & A Ostgaard, Mammut Children table is one of the most popular product in Ikea. It's a plastic table for Children at the age of 3~6 years old. With a same colored Mammut chair, it's an excellent designed table set for children to do handwork, painting, play together or enjoy snack with friends in the garden. The hollow structure make it a light weight table and could be carried by kids easily. To make it a hollow structure, the table was made out of two plates. In this project, the manufacturer of the table adopted a stack mold design to produce both part of the table in the same injection molding machine. To cope with the injection molding system, the R&D team of SWITEK studied the project with the engineers and staffs of the marketing department from the manufacturing company carefully to take the consideration of production efficiency and system cost into consideration, the scheme was confirmed that with a dual arm 5 axis servo injection robot as the core automation unit with a cylinder assembly unit to finish the production process of picking both pieces from the stacking mold. Features of SWITEK dual arm 5 axis servo injection robot children table automation solution: 1. Efficient: With a stack mold to have both part of the table injected by the same injection molding machine to ensure the efficiency of the injection molding. 2. Economic: The whole system was controlled by a 5 axis servo injection robot, which ensure the low cost of the automation system. 3. Easy for Maintenance: With a 5 axis servo injection robot as the core unit of the automation system will minimize the complexity of the automation system, which will make it easy for the maintain of the system much easier than other solution. With this system, the total production cycle time is only 68 seconds. Not only increase the production efficiency, with the injection molding, picking and assembly done automatically, the automation system will help the manufacturer reduce l lot more cost of transportation, shipping and storage. With 14 years' experience in the manufacturing of robot and providing customers with turn key injection molding automation solution. Switek had now built up a reputation in custom made injection automation and IML solution. In Chinaplas 2019, our new IML Spoon lids automation solution would be on at booth # 12.1R21.The new system will include IML unit, CCD inspection unit, spoon assembly unit, auto-loading unit. With this new system, the lids producer are expected to reduce up to 2/3 man hour.
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  • Focused On Intelligent Manufacturing System, Switek Changed Its Name As GuangDong Switek Technology Shareholding Co., Ltd.
    Focused On Intelligent Manufacturing System, Switek Changed Its Name As GuangDong Switek Technology Shareholding Co., Ltd. 2019-03-20
    Since founded in 2006, SWITEK had been committed to the design, production and sales of injection robot and custom made injection molding automation solution. To have it’s name changed from DognGuang Switek Automation Technology Shareholding Co., Ltd. To GuangDong Switek Technology Shareholding Co., Ltd. Is a long term development strategy to speed up the integration of the intelligent manufacturing technology with the injection molding automation solution. To have “User experience is the driving force of our development, integrity is the vitality of SWITEK” as the sense of worth, SWITEK people are working hard to achieve our mission “to help one million enterprises globally to upgrade the manufacturing process from ‘Automatic’ to ‘Intelligent”. Driving by our mission and sense of worth, SWITEK was listed on the OTC market on Aug. 9, 2016 with the stock code 838363 and recognized as the R&D Center of Industrial Robot & Automatic Equipment of DongGang City. Further more, the “High Speed Side Entry IML System” one the certificate of INNOFUND in January  2017, and jointed the competition of assembly line automation industry in 2018. Pushing forward with the Plan of Made In China 2025 and the policy of the Belt and Road, SWITEK keep increasing the investment in the R&D of intelligent manufacturing process and moving forward to be a world leading intelligent manufacturing system integrator. To achieve this ambitious goal, SWITEK will start from three aspects: 1. Talents is the priority of the success of a company. To make SWITEK Automation an attractive enterprise in the HR market, SWITEK University opened on February 28, 2019. With “Behave, Self-discipline and Social Commitment” as it’s motto, we hope that we can build a platform for our staffs via strict selection and continuous training to help them grow quickly. 2. Product quality is the life of any enterprise. Since founded in 2006, SWITEK highly valued the experience of our clients and keep improving the design and programming of our robots. To compliant to the standard of Industrial 4.0, we’ll have the Ethernet Interface integrated to the control system of our robot and IML system. With the Ethernet interface integrated, it’ll help our clients to migrate their production system from ‘Automated’ to ‘Intelligent’ easily. 3. Service is the soul of SWITEK. Service is the soul of any enterprise and sometime it’ll even determines the success or failure of an enterprise. Especially to an automation system provide such as SWITEK Automation. To provide our clients worldwide a better service. Tim Wu, the CEO of SWITEK Automation, announced in the new year celebration that year 2019 would be the first year of Internet Plus in the history of SWITEK. With the website as the center of our IoT system, SWITEK will keep our products, information, service and customers online to speed up the after sales service process. Innovation is the core-competit...
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  • SWITEK Caps Sorting System Help To Increase The Caps Loading Efficiency
    SWITEK Caps Sorting System Help To Increase The Caps Loading Efficiency 2019-02-20
    DongPengTeYing, the second largest energy drink producer in China after RedBull, has a unique cup like cap on the top of it’s 250ml and 500ml bottle. This innovative design well separate it from its competitors. The booming market share of DongPeng also bring the cash flow to the caps manufacturers. With increasing order, the cap manufacturers are mingled with hope and fear. Increased order means better revenue, but the increasing labour cost and low productivity make it difficult to promise a just in time delivery especially in the busy season. How could this problem to be solved?   Early in 2018, one of the cap manufacturer contacted SWITEK to look for a new caps sorting system to help them increase the loading efficiency after injection. Their question is: The injection molding machine can produce around 425000pcs of caps, and each 400pcs of caps could be loaded in the carton at random, it’ll take 10 workers to re-sort the caps to make them workable in an automated packing system.   After visit the workshop and have a thorough discussion with the production manager of DongPeng, the R&D team of SWITEK re-designed the production process to simplify the picking, sorting and loading of the caps to reduce the man hour and increase the production efficiency.   The characteristics of the new automation system:   With optimized production process to reduce the man power   With the installation of the new caps loading system, the company reduced the staffs from around 10/injection molding machine to 1 staff take care of 2~3 injection molding machine.   Well sorted caps increased the loading capacity of each carton and reduced the shipping cost   Before the installation of the automation system, around 400pcs of the caps to be loaded in each carton to be sorted in another workshop; after the installation of the automation system, 2000pcs of the caps would be well sorted before loading in each carton ready for delivery.   “With the new automation system, the just in time delivery rate increased from <70% to >97%, which helped to increase the customer satisfactory and reduced labour cost.” Mr. Liu, the production manger of the company said. 
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