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Product Detail

The Specification of Sprue Picker Robot SW257C

Recommended IMM (Ton) 20-150
Traverse Stroke(mm) 0°~-45°or Reverse
Vertical Stroke(mm) 695
Crosswise Stroke(mm) 100
Traverse Drive  Pneumatic
Take Out Time(Sec) 2
Dry Cycle Time(Sec) 3.8
Power(KVA)/(Phs) 0.2 Single Phs
Working Pressure(kgf/cm^2) 5~7
Air Consumption(NL/cycle) 7.2
Max Load (kg) 2
Net Weight(kg) 42
Gross Weight(kg) /
Size (L x W x H) mm 670x280x1450

The Line Graph of the Sprue Picker Robot Arm SW257C

sprue picker

The Features of SWITEK Sprue Picker Robot Arm

1. Easy Installation: 

    -> SWITEK Sprue Picker Robot provide detailed installation instruction which will help the engineer to install the sprue picker step by step. 

    -> SWITEK Sprue Picker Robot with built-in 20 standard moving sequence and 80 custom made sequence which enable the user to optimize the program for higher  production efficiency. 

    -> SWITEK Sprue Picker Robot will custom make the interface according to the interface of the injection molding machine to make it a plug and play robot for the user. 

    -> SWITEK Sprue Picker Robot will provide local language translating service for the convenience of the local operator. 

2. Easy Maintenace: 

    -> The key components of SWITEK Sprue Picker such as cylinder, solenoid valve etc. are manufactured by world renowned brand which is easy to find in your country. 

3. Technical Support:

    -> SWITEK Sprue Picker will provide life time online technical support. 

    -> On site installation and maintenance service is optional. 

4. Easy Transportation: 

    -> SWITEK provide 3 standard packing scheme for the sprue picker robot which is 1 sets/2 sets and 4 sets for the convenience of transportation. 

sprue picker packing

5. One Year Warranty: 

    -> SWITEK Sprue Picker will provide one year delivery since the day you received your robot. 

6. Fast Delivery: 

    -> For standard sprue picker with interface of EU12, EU67 or Asia, SWITEK will have ready stocks available for immediate delivery. Which is convent for urgent order. 

7. OEM/ODM Service: 

    -> We provide OEM/ODM production service to clients world wide with NDA agreement. Custom made color optional for a MOQ of 20 sets. 

8. 48 Hours aging testing before delivery to ensure the quality of the sprue pickers. 

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Robot Inquiry
Send us the detailed information of your injection molding machine, mould and product to get an instant quotation.
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Send us the detailed information of your injection molding machine, mould and product to get an instant quotation.

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