SWITEK Acquired Bulk Robot Order Again Before Moon Cake Festival 2018-09-01

Another big order of 3 axis servo robot arm acquired before the moon cake festival and the first bulk delivered on August 31, SWITEK welcoming the new opportunity in injection molding automation.

Since the founding in 2006 in Shenzhen, SWITEK is always designated in the study of 3 axis servo robot arm and related injection molding automation solution. With more than 10 years’ accumulation of injection molding automation technology, SWITEK is welcoming the booming of development. Moved to the new production center in Dongguang City in 2006, SWITEK’s achievement in injection molding automation attracted the attentions of more and more big names in the field of injection molding industry. As reported, this order included more than 100sets of 3 axis servo robot arm and related injection molding automation solution. After installation it will help customer to reduce 1/3 of the man hours and increase 20% of the productivity. 

For years, after cooperated with bureaus of consultation to analyze the potential customers with the help of the Big Data, SWITEK has the 3 axis servo robot and related injection molding automation solution as the core territory of development, IML System, cutlery automation solution, thin wall container automation solution and pipe fittings automation as the key injection molding automation solution. The focusing of both capital and human resources in certain field is rewarding. Since 2015 SWITEK attracted the attention of cooperate champion and acquired more and more big contract. SWITEK 3 axis servo robot arm, in mold labeling system, cutlery automation system are warmly welcomed by the industry champions. The  new IML system co-showed with Milacron & Yizumi in Chinaplas 2018 attracted the attention of thousands of global visitors with its 0.85s in mold time. 

The development of an enterprise relied on the talents. Since the founding in 2006, SWITEK built a deep cooperation with colleagues and universities locally and will hire internship graduate each year to supplement departments of marketing, R&D, after sales service etc one years later according to the know how and character of each staff to built a better career developing platform for them and enhance their working enthusiasm.

“Idle boast the strong pass is a wall of iron, with firm strides we are crossing its summit”, SWITEK is welcoming our 12th birthday. The good news will never come alone. 2018 is the 2nd anniversary of SWITEK listed on the OTC market, and selected again as the candidate of Dongguang  Multiplier plan 2018. To survive in the competitive market, SWITEK strictly the principle of ISO9001:2015 during the whole process from design to the assembly of the robot to increase the first pass yield rate of the injection molding automation system. A higher FPYT will not only help to increase the customer satisfaction, but also the payment recovery. According to SWITEK 2018 Semiyearly report, the revenue of the first half year increased 13.58% compared to the same period of last year, witnessed a substantial growth in corporate revenues and profits. It’s rewarding to insist on certain field. By intensive investing of both capital and talents in the study of cutlery automation, in mold labeling, pipe fittings automation and thing wall container automation technology, SWITEK accumulated both technology and technician in these filed and also sound reputation among our customers for excellent after service of SWITEK injection molding automation system. SWITEK cutlery automation system and in mold labeling system are welcomed by the cooperate champions of food container manufacturers who supply products to the big names such as Nestle, KFC, Mengniu, YiLi, Bright Dairy etc. SWITEK is always working hard to create value for our customer. 

As a high tech company specialized in the injection molding automation with the opportunity that our government is pushing forward the “Made in China 2025”plan, SWITEK will continue to work harder and invest more in the new technology study and personnel training to provide our customers a better injection molding automation solution. 

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