SWITEK is celebrating the 2nd anniversary of listing on the New OTC market 2018-08-13

Aug. 09, 2018 is the 2nd anniversary of SWITEK to be listed on the New OTC Market. The listing on the New OTC Market on Aug. 09, 2016 is a milestone in the history of SWITEK. It marked that SWITEK is moving forward to be a public company step by step.

Founded in 2006, SWITEK had been designated in the production of servo robot and related injection molding automation solution for more than 12 years. SWITEK grown up from a small company of only 7 person to be a New OTC Market listed company with 157 staffs. SWITEK has now complete organizational structure of R&D, Production, QC, Sales and Marketing with certificate of ISO9001-2015. By the end of July, 2018, SWITEK robots and injection molding automation system had been delivered to 31 countries around the world.

As a company listed on the 2018 DONGGUANG Municipal Multiplier Plan, SWITEK is now working hard for a double sales against year 2017. To realize this goal, SWITEK increased the budget of promoting SWITEK 3 axis servo robot and IML system in Baidu, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and other media. The campaign is rewarding and the sales turn over by the end of June surpassed the annual revenue of 2017.

After 12years’ development, SWITEK has now a complete production line of Sprue picker, 1/2/3/5 axis servo robot arm, In mold labeling system and injection molding automation solution with 3/5 axis servo robot. The 3 axis servo robot pipe fittings automation system designed by SWITEK in 2015 will finish the nut insertion, products picking and sprue separating automatically. With this system, the pipe fittings manufacturer is expected to reduce 1/3 of the man hour and increase 20% of the productivity.

Aiming at the global injection molding automation market, SWITEK is now pushing forward the standardization of 3 axis servo robot for injection molding automation. The plan is to put on market a DIYable 3 axis servo robot for the injection molding machine 80~600T. A DIYable 3 axis servo robot arm means that any engineer well trained of mechanical & electric will be able to finish the installation and programming of a new 3 axis servo robot. This project will help international buyers of SWITEK robot to reduce the international service cost with simplified installation and programming interface. To push forward this project, SWITEK also started the training program to prepare more than 20 qualified engineers of fluent English communication to provide on line technical support to international buyer of SWITEK 3 axis servo robot arm. This project is expected to be finished by the mid of 2019, we hope that we’ll be able to provide our clients a 24h x 7 online technical support globally.

Facing the challenge and opportunity of Made in China 2025, SWITEK will focused on the integration of 3 axis servo robot injection molding automation system with the CMfgs to provide our clients a more flexible injection molding automation solution. Together, we create our future.

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