SWITEK New IML System On Show M'Sia Plas2018 2018-07-20

M'Sia Plas 2018, one of the largest exhibition of rubber and  plastic machinery in Southeast Asia region, opened today. SWITEK has it's new high speed IML system on showed in the exhibition.

M'Sia Plas 2018 is the forth stop of SWITEK high speed IML system 2018 Global Exhibition Tour. As one of the key economy in Southeast Asia, SWITEK highly value the potential of  the plastic industry in Malaysia.  For a successful exhibition of our new IML system. SWITEK R&D team working closely with engineers from the injection molding machine manufacturer to produce our new high speed IML System. For this exhibition, we're  not only prepared the most advanced IML system but also our senior after service engineer Mr. Aaron who would be available on site for the optimization of injection molding machine, mold, IML system and ensure the successful production during the four days exhibition.

According to Mr. Yang,  the Chief designer of  SWITEK IML System, since the first IML System put on market  in 2009,  SWITEK R&D department is always working closely with our global suppliers to improve the performance of our IML system for the new demand of our customers. According to Mr. Yang, the new high speed IML system put on market in 2018 is the result of mutual cooperation between SWITEK and European IML control system supplier. The new IML control system optimized  the labeling process for small containers such as one-off cups or yoghurt cup etc. With the latest high speed injection molding machine , the cycle time had been reduced to 2.8s for 4 cavities one-off cups IML production. Beside the new IML control system, SWITEK re-designed the mechanical structure of the machine to make the adding of labels to cassette without stopping the machine, this function will help to save a lot of production time.

SWITEK high speed IML system attracted great attention as soon as the machine switched on. Shocked by the productivity of the system, visitors starting to take pictures and videos of the production process with their mobile phone as soon the fist cup put on the conveyor. Amazed by the unbelievable production speed of SWITEK new IML system, many visitors showed their interests of importing this 4 cavities one-off cup IML productions system and consult the details of this system with engineers onsite to evaluate the potential return of the investment.

As part of Enterprise-School cooperation, the exhibition organizer also invited students of plastic and mechanic to visit the show. By witnessed the production process of SWITEK high speed IML system, the students had a better understanding of the advantages of modular design of IML system by talk to the engineers on site. The students said that the visiting of SWITEK high speed IML system help to expand their knowledge of injection engineering and this experience will help them to do a better job in their study and career planning in the future.

According to Mr. Aaron, the senior engineer from SWITEK who is on site in charge of the optimizing of the whole IML system. After the exhibiting in Chinaplas, PolPlas and Vietnam Plas, SWITEK IML team accumulated valuable experiences from the comments of the visitors. These experience would be beneficial in the design of our next IML system. The Global Exhibition Tour will also help to speed up the globalization of SWITEK and make it a world brand of injection molding machinery.

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